June 18, 2015

cloudy night on the beach

This trip was impromptu. We battled traffic the whole way there simply because we didn't take time into consideration.  We didn't mind all that much though. We had a CD book full of all of our favorites we used to listen to when we first started dating.

The water was warmer than the air. We didn't really intend on getting wet, but the ocean had other plans. Hello high tide. The sky was full of clouds, but it was still so very beautiful. 

We collected shells-- one being a crab's shell. The last time Logan held a crab, it began to move in her hand. That photo above may have took some convincing. 

We ate pizza and ice cream and left with full tummies. 
Another successful beach trip.

21. 22. 23. 24. || 52

21. ||  five going on fifteen. the new normal.

22. || cigar shop vibes in the coffee shop

23. || second nap this week

24. || doodles on the dock

June 9, 2015

pick your own: strawberries

We have ben taking Logan strawberry picking since before she could walk and it's always the sweetest time, literally. You can see a few of our most recent pick-your-own adventures here, here, and here. It's one of our favorite things to do together as a family, and one I hope to continue to do for many more years to come.

May 28, 2015

if it's the beaches

This past Tuesday the weather was predicted to be warmer than it typically is this time of year, Scott was home for the day, so planning a beach trip accordingly just made sense. We packed a bag and headed east with our sweet girl and her favorite stuffed pal in tow. 

When we arrived we were so bummed as the wind was whipping. The past few times we made day trips, they had to be cut short due to wicked sandy wind storms. For the record, there is nothing pleasant about sand in the eye. Fortunately though, the wind did die down a bit and it was tolerable. We decided to overlook the wind and go on with our day as planned. We spotted spring blooms on the beach dunes, a definite first for us. They were so pretty, and such a different look for the rather generic dunes we see all summer long. 

We pretty much had the beach to ourselves and were able to run free up and down the shore. Logan loved having this freedom of being able to hunt for treasures without strict limits. Along with with lots of shells and beach stones, we found a few dead crabs near the waters edge. They soon became the obsession. Logan had so many questions regarding how they got there, where they would end up, could we take them home, etc. She picked one up for me to snap a photo of to send off to Grammy, and it began moving in her hand. I unintentionally screamed, startling her. Our attempt to 'wow' Grammy resulted in us being wow'd when the dead crab began moving in her little hand. Awful or awesome parenting? We still can't decide. 

Naturally we forgot sunscreen, so I had to make a stop to grab some.  We did however remember our beach pails and shovels, which provided to be great entertainment for both Logan and Scott. They played for quite a while, only torturing me slightly as I tried to catch a tan. 

I did catch some pretty great moments on my iPhone of Logan running wild and free with sandy hands and dancing feet that moved to the rhythm of the sea. It made my heart so happy seeing her loving good on mother earth. I melt watching, knowing those feelings all too well. Some of my best memories are ones from beach trips with family, and still to this day, the beach is a place that provides me with so much comfort and peace. I hope Logan carries with her those very same feelings into adulthood. I can only hope that she never looses the desire to pick up random items, intrigued and excited. And that she continues to see the beauty in everything, like those broken shell souvenirs she gathered up, typically unwanted and usually tossed back into the ocean.

Later on in the afternoon, we headed down a town over to grab our favorite boardwalk pizza. It was even better than we anticipated, and just what we needed to fill our bellies for the drive home. 

It's such a beautiful day when all of those little imperfections complied together make it more than perfect. We are already talking about another visit.

May 21, 2015


 "A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2015."

Logan: always so helpful-- especially with tasks in the back yard. This week we planted our little plant babies for the garden. We're a little behind, but better late than never. We planted organic zucchini and organic watermelon. Our hopes aren't too high for the watermelon as it never seems to do that great here. But we have fingers crossed.

first swim

The pool is open, the water is clear, and here we are ready for another summer filled of endless days of swimming. We are eagerly awaiting brown shoulders and pruney fingers that accompany the season. I think it is safe to say that the most anticipated day of the year (second to birthdays and Christmas) is the day the pool cover gets removed and the water below in unearthed. Yesterday the water was 62 degrees, but that didn't stop these children one bit. They were in the pool for most of the afternoon-- cannon balls, lap swimming, and noodle races. The pool is their happy place, and it's been a long, long winter. We are all ready for a warm happy wet summer. Hooray for a new season!

May 10, 2015


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2015."

Logan: the smallest one in the coffee shop always gets the most attention.

This past week was our first week where we had Daddy home with us for three days in a row, with nothing to do but spoil us girls with his time and energy, and maybe a little bit of spending. We went out to lunch and celebrated an early Mother's Day lunch knowing that he'd be working today, Sunday. We went out to Issac's, one of our favorite local spots know for it's caesar salad and french onion soup, which is exactly what I ordered. We walked around town popping into the sweets shops. Logan and I had stopped in some of the shops a week back when we were in town, so she felt good and tourist guide-ish showing daddy about. It was the cutest. Lo was also very happy to have daddy come to her swim class. We love having him all to ourselves.