November 21, 2014

exploring different cultures pt.1

I'm dying over this adorable thrifted banjara costume that I picked up for Lo. 
She is equally as excited, as you can see. 

In the past few months I've thrifted a traditional Chinese samfoo, a kurta, and now this-- all in Logan's size. 
Meant to be if you ask me! 

In our homeschool preschool we've been exploring different cultures: where they live, what they eat, the languages they speak, what they wear. We focus most our monthly issue of National Geographic for exposing us to the best photos of people living every day life throughout different parts of the world.  

We've been using the magazine as a guide for our lessons.

We especially love the photos of people at celebrations across the world in their fanciest of outfits. 
We've always envied the colors and textures, and accessories most. 

This outfit takes the cake though. 

We danced around all morning perfecting on our belly dancing moves.

I'll be sharing more about our lessons in the next week or so. 
We have been having so much fun with them.

November 19, 2014

exploring the zoo || in fall

What I love most about the zoo is that regardless how many times you go, it always delivers a new experience. No two trips are the same-- at least not for us. We always learn something new, and the animals are never predictable and always surprising.
The eagle was sitting on a lower post this time around and we were able to get a good look at him which we have yet to do.
This trip we were most impressed with the Reptile and Amphibian house. We don't always go in, but I'm glad we decided to
This guy was pushed up against the glass staring us down.
Sco and Lo were captivated by the gators and crocs for quite a while. She asked so many questions and observed them for the longest. It was so cute to sit and watch the two of them discussing the similarities and differences amongst them.
The giraffes are always interesting and I could seriously watch them for hours.
Her is an obligatory shot of Lo observing an African Plain animal.
It's interesting to look back at photos from our previous zoo trips and see the different captures from them. The different perspectives and the difference in seasons; all beautiful.
You can see of our last two visits here and here.
It was a gorgeous day. Even the hippos were enjoying the weather. 
We snacked on french fries with Ketchup and drank lots of water.
Logan really really loved having Daddy to ourselves all day long. 
Always silly, this one.
And hip. Loving life with her sweet, yummy pop (that began to melt down her arm.)
These two were bummed that the polar bear was not around, but still, we sat here a bit and enjoyed the pretty blue water.
The tigers were out and about the entire day exploring the big cat crossing which is an overhead animal travel and exploration system. It give the animals more room to roam. It's such a cool thing for visitors and more importantly, the animals. You can read more about it on the zoo's webpage.
The zebras always look the same and don't ever really do anything exciting, but they sure are beautiful to look at. I'm always amazed by the perfectly colored stripes and the total perfection of their manes. 
Of course we couldn't leave without grabbing a few pieces of nature to take home. There were so many types of leaves all around. Logan mostly loved the ones that looked like hearts. We love taking advantage of our zoo membership. It such a simple outing with lots of opportunities. We hope to get back before the big chill settles in and winter takes over.

November 18, 2014


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: Last week I took you to the salon to get 12" of your beautiful long hair cut off to donate to an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to a medical condition that has no known cause or cure. When I asked you if you wanted to back out (to my own selfish reluctance)  you simply replied: "No, mom, it's okay, I don't need it as much as other kids do." My mama heart turned to mush. You were so proud. We were so proud. So giving and so brave. At four years old, you, sweet pea of mine have so much kindness in your heart. 

Keep on doing what you do, Peaty girl.

my favorite things..

We have planned out a rather simple Christmas for ourselves this year. We've decide to focus more of our energy (and our money) on experiences rather than things. We have a couple of overnights planned out of town, along with a few other seasonal things. We are excited to focus on each other and spend time living in the moment, together, without distraction. Every year, Christmas build up is so exhausting, and then in a day, it's gone. I'm hoping to gain a more meaningful grasp of what the season is truly about: life, love, faith, and hope.

In keeping with the spirit and the joy that it brings, I thought it would be fun to group together some things I've been wishing for. 

1. This canvas tote has been sold out for entirely too long-- I'm hoping it gets restocked in time for Christmas ;)
2. I love the look of classic burberry, but this pink version has me swooning.
3. I have a bit of a blanket obsession, and every time I see this one, I find ways to justify why I need one more. Christmas should be reason enough ;)
4. I think this beautiful reminder in print would make an excellent addition, framed, to the shelf over my bed.
5. I've needed new glasses for way too long. I'll be spoiling myself tomorrow with new ones tomorrow. These are my inspiration.
6. Ever since I smelled this perfume in a magazine at my sister's house, I've had it on my list.
7. I've become a daily coffee/latte drinker and I would love a pretty mug (that's all mine) to drink from. I love the sprinkles on this mug and the handmade feel it holds.
8. This pillow is exactly what my bed needs. Like yesterday..

I'm linking up here to share my Christmas wish list. 

Add your own to the link-up or browse through for some inspiration for yourself or for someone on your list.

November 13, 2014

tricks & treats

Our Halloween was quite eventful. We saw family, trick-or-treated with cousin friends, and stayed out way past bedtime. 

Logan dressed up as her current favorite Disney princess queen, Elsa, from Frozen. You probably couldn't have guessed that one, huh? ;)

The middle of October she fell back in love with her, and it's been everything Elsa since. I should have known that it would be love at first sight the second this girl saw that blue dress. Blue has always been her favorite color-- anything and everything blue trumps all. Add to that those magical ice powers Elsa packs and I knew there was no convincing her otherwise. That's not to say I didn't try though. We tossed around costume ideas like: Annie, Zarina the Pirate Fairy, a Mermaid, and a superhero. But she was so persistent, and it is her Halloween after all,  so I caved. And because of that, we joined in the projected 2.1 million little girls across the country in their beautiful blue gowns, channeling their inner ice queens on Halloween night.  Grammy made Logan her costume with the prettiest fabric and the longest sparkly train. 

We had a great night and Lo looked and felt like the beautiful little princess that she is.
Scott and I went to a Halloween party dressed as a pirate and a nerd. 
Both were last minute costumes not using any pieces we had purchased for our original costume plans. 
Sometimes costumes made 5 minutes before walking out the door are the best ones. 

We ended the night sitting under blankets around the fire eating too many treats and a pizza dinner before bed.

A great way to send off our halloween. 

November 11, 2014


 " A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: I thought it would be nice for us to go out to Lunch but all you wanted was graham crackers. 
You cheap date, you.

November 6, 2014

f r i d a y || f i v e

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

^ Love, love, love this chair-- the colors, the design, the legs, everything.
^ White on white is my favorite "color" these days-- add pops of wood...swoon!
^ Getting inspired from DIY tablecloths like this one.
^ I always love photos of collections, and this camera one is perfection.
^ The font of these numbers and the brass finish. Beautiful.