September 14, 2014


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: Wednesday we went to a local pick-your-own farm. A recent bee sting had you a slightly over cautious with the bees snacking on the fallen fruit. But you still managed to picked the prettiest apples and peaches.

September 10, 2014

buy local || eat local

"It's such a beautiful morning today, huh." 
Those were Logan's first words to me this morning, and she was right. 
It was a beautiful morning in the northeast-- sun shining, blue skies, cool breeze. 

We set out to enjoy the day with Daddy. 

Wednesday is the only day in the week where Sco has nowhere to be, no commitments-- no work, no school, nothing. So on Wednesdays  he's ours for the entire day, and we love it. 

Today we went out to our local orchard. 
We picked peaches and apples. 
We dodged bees and flies, and other garden bugs; but we still managed to bring home the best of the bunch. 

After dinner we ate a peach crisp cobbler topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream. 
^ Recipe to come.

It was delightful. 

See our post from when we went last year here.

September 9, 2014

a month of || 52

^ 33. beach yoga.

^ 34. trying really hard not to smile, and looking so much like daddy doing so.

^ 35. topknots have become the norm, you can see why.

^ 36. little hipster posing in front of the prettiest green in the city.

I'm really trying to get it together with this photo project and this blog; and just documenting in general. We are starting our preschool homeschool back up this week, so I'm hoping a little more of a scheduled day will aid in that. 
I'm really holding on to these moments I have at home with my sweet girl. This time next year she will be starting Kindergarten, and I'm beginning to feel a little pressured in making sure this little pea of mine is ready to greet this big, big world. 

We've been catching up with old friends, making new ones, and just living life as happily as we can. Thats all that truly matters anyway.

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Photos from my Instagram.

Favorites from last week: this pretty, these beauties with a brick wall backdrop, and this sweet catch-up collection.

September 2, 2014

summer scenes || vacation

I grew up vacationing down the shore in the summers, 
and to this day, a week at the beach feels just the same. 
I come from a family of pretty hardcore beach goers--
we beach it the whole week from 11am-5pm, weather permitting. 
One of my favorite things about being a parent
is being able to share and revisit dearest pastimes with my child. 
And fortunately for us, Logan loves the beach. 

She's content jumping waves, digging in the sand, hunting treasure, paging through a magazine, and just relaxing. This makes for the most pleasant week for everyone.
I was able to start and finish a book myself-- a first in quite some time. 
I didn't take many photos, but that just makes these that much more special. 
I did, however, document a few others on my Instagram.

August 17, 2014

30.31.32 .52

30.// Logan: sometimes simple style beats the rest. 

31.// Logan: accessorizing may still be your favorite form of dress up. Let's hope the oversized glasses look never dies.

32.// Logan: my little collector, and beach explorer expert.


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: basking in her glory, this girl jogged a mile at the track along side her older cousins. 

Her ambition and drive is so inspiring. As a parent, I couldn't be more proud.

Keep on shining my sweet girl, this world is big, but your desire is bigger., if only I could channel some of that energy this way.

This photo from my instagram. I've been taking to that form of social media over anything else lately. I love the simplicity, the community, and the creativity. Follow along if you wish! I have some catching up to do here, and hope to do so the next couple of weeks. We've been very busy...I've been preparing lesson plans for our homeschool preschool, we've vacationed, we have done a ton of exploring, and enjoying time with the cousins as the sweet summer slips away. I'm behind in my project 52 too. As much as I dread the closing of summer, I'm looking forward to fall. Lots to tackle, so stay tuned.

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July 24, 2014

the best

Every so often I find myself experiencing the best "____" yet.
- The best weather.
- The best photo ^^^
- The greatest Christmas.
- The best beach experience.
- The sweetest time spent with friends.

Each happening beats the last.
Everything just gets better.

Or, is life just getting better?

I credit it to carrying with me a deeper appreciation for life in general.
Choosing experiences over things.
Living in the moment.

I always felt that it takes more energy to be mad or feel down
than it does to smile and be happy-- to let things go.

This way of thinking is one I hope to instill and nourish in my daughter--
my free spirited, earth loving, artistic, and kind babe.
She inspires me.

In our family, we strive for simplicity.
We appreciate life as a gift.
We find extraordinary in the ordinary.
We choose nature first.
We want less.

And in turn, we feel happier because of it.
And that for certain is the best.