April 16, 2014

sensory play | | pond

As Logan grows, I am always trying to find ways to enhance her sensory play. I typically design the bins for a more unstructured play and find myself mostly pulling them out as a means to keep my girl occupied so I can get dinner started or send emails without distraction. But other times, I like sitting with her and using the time for new learning experiences. We've changed our sensory bin themes numerous times since she was a baby usually using the same tub and switching them out. (You can see some of our favorites here, here, and here.) To keep costs low, and distraction at a minimal, I opted for a smaller bin. The size is about 13x9. It was a dollar store find and came with the lid. The frogs we picked up there too. All of the other items were from Michale's Craft Store, including the rocks. I always try to throw in some form of real life texture. For that we go to our nature box-- Lo picked the pieces of drift wood which tied into the theme perfectly. I've used this bin in our habitat lessons. We will add in other things as we expand our lesson-- but right now, it's perfect.

April 14, 2014

preschool homeschool | | aquarium adventure

 We surprised Logan with a trip to the aquarium. We got in the car, and gave her a few books as clues as to where we were going. This girl loves surprises, and this one was perfect. We've begun discussing habitats, starting with ocean animals, so the aquarium was the perfect location to bring all of our readings and under the sea play to life. More on our habitat lessons to come!

April 8, 2014

logan says | | things i want to remember

--  "Wow! That's impressive..." Her reaction to a video where a woman was bouncing a soccer ball off her knees and head.

-- After telling her a movie was not appropriate for little kids, and that we wouldn't be watching it... in the cutest most confident voice, Lo responds: "I'm a bigger kid, I'm FOUR, are you kidding me?!"

-- "Ahh, damn commercials, right? Right mom, those damn commercials."

-- "Buzz Light-ner" So cute, I can't bring myself to correct her that it's actually Buzz Lightyear.

-- "Maybe you're right, mom." 

-- "Three things I'm scared of: frogs, trolls, and foxes."

-- "Kindergarten!! I'm going to go to that soon. They won't let you in kindergarten until you are older. Like 5."

-- "It was great we went to this movie today. Thanks, mom." In the movie theater after it had ended. Usually after a movie she'll say: "That was cute, right?" She may have got that one from me.

-- One night before bed, Logan told me that she wants to get a Hello Kitty doctor medical center like the Doc McStuffins one she had received earlier in the day as a birthday present from Grammy and Pop. After telling her how silly and unnecessary that would be to have two of them, I reminded her that there are children in this world who don't even have one medical set, or any toys for that matter, and that she shouldn't be greedy; instead be grateful for what she does have. Her response was beautiful, and melted my mama heart. "I understand I have a lot of toys. Soooo we can look through mine and give them to other kids in the planet. Maybe tomorrow?"

-- "That's an honor." Said to one doll by the other.

April 4, 2014

i s t i l l s . . .

^ brown bag wrapped tupils
^ home made french onion soup
^ f o u r candles for four years
^ i both love and hate my brother for introducing me to this
^ keeping my big girl little for as long as i can
^ mama baby day included a 6 month cleaning and check up
^ mimosas in the city
^ we the people, philadelphia
^ septa on a sunny day
^ nacho enthusiasts

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March 23, 2014


"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: inside was just as bright as outside.     

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"A portrait of my child once a week, every week, in 2014."

Logan: waiting with daddy in a very old station for our train into the city.

walnut and 22nd

City parks: they are sort of our thing-- parks in general, really. I love being around different people doing different things. I find it so inspiring. A filled park is one full of endless possibilities. This day in particular, was one of the first breaks in the weather and people set out to enjoy it. There were artists painting, performers singing, and little ones dancing. People were on bikes, and skates. Others were running, skipping, hopping--  just happy to be out. There were old friends catching up,  people reading, while others were just simply reflecting. We got iced lattes and sat on a bench in the sun. We stumbled upon a cute little vegetarian shop and had the best tuna and the freshest salad. We people watched and explored. We filled our lungs with fresh city air. It was just what we needed. Now that spring has finally sprung, we anticipate many more days like this.